FREELANCE WRITING: Stoked to be a Contributor to the WEAREMONA Blog!

I am so stoked to announce that I am a contributor to all things YOGA + SURF for the WEAREMONA Blog over at WEAREMONA.COM.

MONA is a surf and activewear line that’s made in California (with founder Andrea “Mona” Picasso splitting her time between California and Costa Rica) and “committed to protecting the environment and promoting a more sustainable future for the entire apparel industry.”

From the ‘Ethically Made” tab on their website:

”MONA believes that change must happen with each and every one of us. That’s why our community is built on a foundation of sustainable products and transparent business practices. Every single step of our process, from design to delivery, is done with you and the planet in mind...

All MONA products are made in California by skilled seamstresses that earn wages that they are proud of. Manufacturing locally also means we ensure high quality control in every piece and help reduce our carbon footprint compared to producing overseas. Mona believes in kindness and respect for all. We treat our team like family and work with only the most ethical suppliers.

MONA is recognized by our vibrant custom prints. We use the most environmentally friendly and sustainable process possible in the garment printing and production industry. Our process uses 90% less water than the standard printing process and does not result in polluted water waste or ground contamination. We use water–based inks that do not contain chemicals that are harmful for the consumer or the environment when disposed.

Almost 70% of a company’s environmental impact happens at the raw material level. From design to delivery we choose to use only eco-friendly and recycled materials. Our entire swimwear line is made out of 100% regenerated nylon recovered from oceans all over the world. We work with local vendors that carry recycled options for all our tags and packaging.

We are committed to make any effort needed to keep creating products that not only represent our style but also our values…”

How rad!? And I have to say, I am honored to be collaborating with a brand and crew of people that are proud of their active/outdoors/mindful lifestyle and stay aligned with their core values.

You can check out my two recent articles below and keep an eye out for more of my writing over on their blog!



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