Let’s join forces.

. . .

I’m a firm believe in the power of collaboration. It’s hard to achieve anything by yourself and when like-minded individuals come together through mutual respect and genuine support, beautiful and magical things are created. Together we can raise the vibes a little higher!

. . .

What I can do for you:

  • Co-host, teach, or offer a workshop at your studio, wellness event, training, or retreat

  • Write engaging articles, posts, and interviews for your website, blog, or publication, including hi-quality photos

  • Assist in brand development, marketing, and increasing brand awareness for your yoga, surfing, or wellness-related company or brand

  • Create unique, eye-catching images along with clear and concise copy for your social media accounts with links directly to your website

  • Maintain a positive image on my personal social media accounts

  • Provide honest and consistent feedback on products and services