Photo from Julia Kasper

Photo from Julia Kasper

Julia, aka “Jules” is the definition of a bad-ass, boss lady. I first met Jules through mutual friends here in Rincon and we immediately clicked. I dug her style and her positive energy, and I found her entrepreneurial spirit to be down-right inspiring. In fact, I credit Jules to helping me take the leap to really turn Sunburnt & Salty into a brand – helping me with the S&S Totes and being my biggest encouragement when I decided to get the S&S tanks printed. She’s been nothing but supportive of me since I’ve moved to Rincon, and it’s been beautiful to watch her grow and expand her own brand and business, Ocean State of Mind. If you’re ever in Rincon, be sure to check out her shop for incredible, local, hand-made jewelry, crystals, bikinis, beach gear, and more. If you’re not in Rincon, you can still find her stuff on her Etsy page here

Name? Julia Kasper

Where are you from? Rhode Island, “The Ocean State!”

What do you do? What don’t I do… I’m an artist! Someone once told me having a creative mind is like having ten tabs on your computer open at all times. So true!  The skills in my tool belt include: business owner, jeweler, designer, stained glass artist, and wedding officiant… and I like to believe that there isn’t really anything I can’t do. If there is something I desire I just create it.

How did Ocean State of Mind begin? Ocean State of Mind came about when I was living in Maui. Attempting to move my stained glass business from RI to HI proved to be a huge struggle, and I couldn’t get any of my materials on the island. Between shipping costs and the amount of fossil fuel it took to get supplies to me in Hawaii, it just didn’t make any sense, and taking the effort to live a “greener” life, making less of an impact on the environment, is important to me. Being from Rhode Island and now living here in Rincon, I like to utilise things that are available and in-season. Plus, with Rhode Island being the Ocean State, I love how the name ties into my home, but the name could really resonate with anyone!

What’s your vision for your store and brand over the next few years? It has been amazing to watch Ocean State of Mind grow. From an online store, to setting up and selling at festivals and open markets, to opening our first physical location two years ago in Rincon,PR… What a blessing! I am working towards bringing more clothing into the shop, especially custom, in-house designs specific to OSOM.  Last month’s featured goddess Kelly Meagher is not only a great friend but the in-house graphic designer. We have been working on designs together and hope to have them available this coming year.

You juggle many roles, how do you find balance and stay grounded while you are working to grow and expand your store and brand? Ocean State of Mind isn’t just a name, it’s a philosophy. It can be easy to stay grounded living by the beach and on an island where the weather is always nice. Living by the beach makes you want to be active, ultimately leading to a healthier life. It’s so nice, you get exercise by having fun!! On the other hand, it can also be really hard to stay grounded in such a seasonal place. Our little town goes from a local, quiet summer to a crazy, busy winter. I guess it’s important that I take time to check in with myself each day — to get quiet and to slow down.

Julia's baby, Ocean State of Mind. Photo by  F Javier Gil

Julia's baby, Ocean State of Mind. Photo by F Javier Gil

#1 Daily health ritual that you never skip? I’m not sure if I would consider it a health ritual but it makes me feel good… Most people drink coffee when they wake up, but I like to start every morning with a cup of tea and a teaspoon of honey from my mom’s bees… Reminds me of growing up.

What do you love most about being a “Goddess?” You attract what you put out and if it is a “goddess,” or whatever, I’m attracting some amazing women in life. I have two of my friends who work with me and without the help and support of them, and everyone else in my life, the life I’ve created wouldn’t have been possible.

Best advice you’ve ever received? My grandmother told me to always pray, “Dear God, please open the doors for me and if they are not meant to be open please keep them shut.” I say this prayer often!

Best advice that you can give to new entrepreneurs? A really sweet woman came into the shop a few weeks ago and handed me a card that said, “The success of one woman is inspiration for another.” It melted my heart and made everything I do have a new purpose.

Why do you think it’s important for women to support other women? It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you work together. I love that about Rincon! I think if more people learned to work together, versus against each other, things in the world would start to get better.

Guilty pleasure that you’re not ashamed of? Too many sunset drinks (hehe) and any Pepperidge Farm cookie… Oh and coffee ice cream!

Any last words? Cheese and Rice! Last words? I’m not dead girl…… I’m just starting.

Photo by Julia Kasper

Photo by Julia Kasper

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