Photo from Kelly Meagher

Photo from Kelly Meagher

I first met Kelly Meagher before I actually lived in Rincon, Puerto Rico. My boyfriend was living here seasonally and I was back and forth finishing school, and we quickly became friends with Kelly, and her now soon-to-be-husband, Jason, because of their free spirits and laid-back personalities. We connected over things like the ocean and getting out into nature, and we both shared the dream of creating a life based around the things that we love doing – a life that we’re passionate about living. Since we’ve met, Kelly has taken that step towards following her heart and is currently living in Rincon full-time as a fine artist and freelance graphic designer. It’s evident that Kelly’s passions are reflected in her artwork, especially in her beautiful paintings and portrayals of sirens, surfer girls, and Mother Earth. She does a wonderful job representing the elegance of the female form and the grace that a Goddess emits when floating upon the ocean. Read on to find out more about Kelly, her artwork, her inspiration, and how she follows her heart to live her dream life. 

Name? Kelly Meagher

Where are you from? Massachusetts

What do you do? I am a freelance graphic designer, a fine artist, and bartender

Where do you draw your inspiration from? For years when asked this question there were 3 distinct subjects that seemed to dominate my paintings: women, waves, and nature. I feel like that has shifted to include Puerto Rico. Living here has allowed me to slow down and appreciate the simple things in life. I am often inspired by the things I see around me on this beautiful island.

Talk about your first solo show that’s coming up soon! My first solo show “Machete” opens Nov 19 at the F Javier Gil Gallery in downtown Rincon. I am really excited about this body of work- I began painting on machetes a few years ago and I immediately enjoyed the size/shape of the subject. It allows me to sit with the machete and hold it and really interact with the piece while I paint. I am also excited to show my finished hand-painted ukulele that I have been working on for over a year! I will have many originals available for sale at the show as well as 3 new prints being released.

How do you find balance when you have so much going on? It is tough sometimes, but I find that if I step away from everything once or twice a day and just go for a swim or a surf, then I feel like I am recharged and I can look at things with a refreshed eye. As a freelance designer and a self-employed artist, I have a lot of projects going on at once. I find that if you stay organized and keep a calendar everything just flows a lot better.

All artwork by Kelly Meagher

All artwork by Kelly Meagher

#1 Daily Health Ritual that You Never Skip? My morning hill hike with my sata, Lolita, she is still a pup and needs to release some energy and it’s a great way for me to get an exercise in before it gets too hot.

What do you love most about being a “Goddess?” I love that at my age, I no longer feel like a kid anymore, but like a strong female that is in charge of her own destiny. I feel empowered by the thought that I can create a beautiful existence with hard work and determination and that my dreams and desires are things I can make happen. I feel blessed to live in this place and time and to have so many opportunities as a woman.

Best advice you’ve ever received? To say “no” more. I know it sounds silly, but it is for my well-being that I learned this important piece of advice. I know first hand that it feels good to help people out, it feels good to make something easier on someone else. But sometimes it is best for yourself (and sometimes everyone else around you) if you don’t overload yourself with so many projects that you are spread too thin. When I am overwhelmed by work I am stressed, and when I am stressed I have a hard time being creative- it becomes a vicious stalemate that can really be quite paralyzing. As a business I need to stay on track and not get distracted by all the fun, random projects I can lend a hand with. That is one of the reasons I love summer here in Rincon so much- plenty of time to catch up on projects that have been on the shelf for too long.

Why do you think it’s important for women to support other women? It is amazing what anyone can accomplish by working together to build each other up instead of letting our competitive nature get the best of us. I love the community of Rincon because there are so many diverse, talented people. It is wonderful to see women working together to advance their careers and families. This positive energy between us all is so encouraging and really creates a great environment to work, play and live in.

Guilty pleasure that you’re not ashamed of? Ice Cream

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