YOGA FOR SURFING with E-RYT200 Cait Lawson is a mindfully designed program that takes an in-depth look at the yoga-surfing connection. Unique for each individual, this ‘Yoga for Surfing’ Program combines elements of yoga asana (yoga postures), pranayama (breath-control practices), meditation, and discussion to explore and strengthen the physical, mental, and/or spiritual spaces of surfing.


Physically, yoga can help the body surf longer and harder.
Mentally, yoga can help the surfer overcome challenges and work through fears in the ocean,
Spiritually, yoga can help the surfer feel more connected to themselves, other beings, and the natural world.

This program is great for all-levels of surfing and yoga abilities, but is curated with the intention of improving some aspect of the surfing experience.
Perfect for the average, working-class surfer that wants to maximize their time in the ocean as well as competitive surfers and professional athletes that are required to be on top of their game (and in the proper head-space) every time they put on a jersey.