Weekly Group Classes

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Wake up! And infuse your Monday morning with energy, mindfulness, and gratitude. Each class is creatively sequenced to offer a well-rounded practice that's intended to get you out of your head and to energize your body. We’ll build a little heat through playful movement and intentional breath work, and towards the end of practice spend a little time in stillness before we transition off of our mats and back into the Monday routine. Classes are open to all levels.

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This 90-minute class explores the balance between strength and fluidity, effort and ease, fire and water. We spend the first half flowing through a strong, heat-building, Vinyasa Flow (yang) to help us get out of our heads and into our bodies. Then, we will settle in and unravel during the final half of class as we transition into a more restorative, yin state to help release stress and tension from the mind and body. Open to all levels of practice.

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AT la vida sirena yoga at tres sirenas inn

Join me every Saturday morning during the summer months at the beautiful, beach-side yoga deck at Tres Sirenas Inn. Kickstart your weekend with 90minutes of mindful movement, breath work, and deep relaxation through moments of introspective stillness. Plus, practicing alongside the ocean breeze is bliss! These classes are open to all levels and always promote playfulness in the practice.

Rincón Community Yoga

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A donation-based community yoga practice
every first sunday of the month*
at the lighthouse of rincón*

Roll out your mat alongside your Rincón Community for a once-a-month, all-levels, karma yoga practice. Each month will be dedicated to raising awareness and donations for a local organization that’s doing powerful work here in our community. Donations are always optional, never mandatory, and everybody is welcome to join for the practice.

next community yoga class:
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Class to benefit Salva Rincón!

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a little background on the practice

These Rincón Community Yoga classes began roughly five years ago as a way for me to give back to a community that welcomed me in with open arms. It all started as a request by my neighbor and friend, a single mom that desired to learn, practice, and connect with others in an affordable and sustainable way. Those first few years we were practicing every Sunday with select donation-based practices to benefit Go Light Our World, a global nonprofit that I’ve been involved with over the past four years - now I’ve been lucky enough to be a GLOW Retreat leader to help support the work.

Since the beginning of the year, I’ve decided to shift the structure of these Community classes in a way that allows our focus, intention, time, energy, and donations to flow back into to this community here - the community that we are all a part of as locals, residents, and tourists alike.

Individually, the practice is a beautiful way to connect with others - those from here, living here, or visiting. Collectively, the practice is a powerful way to raise the vibration of the good being done here - to elevate the awareness of and hopefully help raise some funding for the people, groups, and organizations that are working to protect the people, animals, and natural beauty of this town.

Since implementing this new concept, we’ve dedicated practices and raised donations for both The Puerto Rico Dog Fund and Fundación Surfrider Rincón. Currently, with the recent threat of the proposed BlueWater Mega-Resort and Casino here in Rincón, all following classes (unless otherwise noted) will be dedicated to the local nonprofit, Salva Rincón!, a community-led, grassroots organization doing amazing work to dissuade the development of the megahotel and to “make sure that the developments and progress [of Rincón] are done in a responsible manner and accordingly with our town’s essence and natural resources.”

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*Please be sure to check Instagram or Facebook for monthly commUNITY Yoga Updates, or sign up for the newsletter below, as some months we may switch up the day, time, location, or adding other fun activities like Beach Cleans, Group Paddles, Workshops, etc.