PRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS are designed around the personal needs of the student(s). Perfect for all ages and all levels of experience, each session is unique with personalized sequences ranging from a gentle, restorative style of yoga to a more invigorating and energizing power vinyasa flow. Through every session you will learn to quiet the mind, connect to the power of the breath, and release tension and stress from the body while building strength, increasing flexibility, and gaining confidence. If you are a beginner, a private yoga session is a great way to learn basic poses and proper alignment. If you are more advanced in your practice, look to a private session to help you grow to new heights in a safe and supportive space.


RESTORATIVE YOGA: A gentle yoga practice aimed at repairing the body through mindful movement. Great for injury prevention and recovery.
Expect a full-body stretch and to receive an overall sense of calm and well-being.
VINYASA FLOW: A more fluid form of yoga for students that want to explore challenging-yet-fun new ways of moving the body in concert with the breath. 
Expect to move some, maybe sweat some, and to leave the session feeling open, detoxified, and re-energized.
POWER YOGA: A more vigorous style of yoga that is focused on creating core awareness and increasing overall strength - a great cross-training option.
Expect a sweaty, full-body workout that's both challenging and fun. Don't worry, we always end in savasana.

PERSONAL PRIVATE (1-2 people): $60.00
SMALL GROUP (3-6 people): $90.00
LARGE GROUP (7+ people): $15.00/person
ONLINE PERSONAL PRIVATE (1-2 people via Skype): $45.00

*Private Yoga Sessions are great for: one-on-one work, birthday parties, school groups, anniversaries, retreats & detoxes, office/corporate team building, wedding parties, etc. 
**Sessions can take place at the comfort of your home, hotel, or favorite beach. Option to schedule your session at
Centro La Paz in Rincon or at the beautiful ocean-side deck at Tres Sirenas Inn
***Mats & towels are available on request.



If you’re looking to add a little extra connection, clarity, and peace to your private yoga session…

MEDITATION: A 30-minute, post-yoga meditation tailored to the theme of the practice ($15pp)
Receive a personalized tarot card reading with Cait to assist in finding clarity about any questions or areas of life ($15pp)
A one-hour workshop to help you get clear about what you want out of life and a journaling technique to manifest your dreams. Receive tips on how to make journaling a part of your everyday practice ($20pp)
Post-yoga, or done on its own, Cait will lead you through self-applied myofascial release (MFR) techniques using a variety of tools (like MFR balls, foam rollers, yoga blocks, etc.) to manipulate the muscles and fascia. There are many benefits to MFR and the applications vary depending on the person & their goals, but some of the overall benefits of MFR include: feeling good, increased range of motion, recovery post-training or injury, and gaining/deepening body awareness ($20pp post-yoga session)

*If you’d like one of these additional offerings along with your private yoga session,
please mention it in the
“additional info” section when you book your session!



STAND-UP PADDLEBOARD (SUP) YOGA is a fun way to take your practice off of the land and onto the water. Each SUP Yoga sessions is 90-minutes long and will begin with a short, beach session covering basic paddleboard techniques as well as ocean safety. Once on the water, students will "anchor in" and be led through a fun and relaxing ocean-inspired Vinyasa Flow with modifications to suit practitioners of all levels of experience.
*Option for a "Power Hour" SUP Yoga Class for students with stand-up paddleboarding experience.

SUP FITNESS is a great way to gain strength and improve your endurance and balance while having a ton of fun! In this 60-minute session we will combine power yoga, paddleboarding, and cross-training to work the entire body. Each class is tailored to the students' needs and practiced in a fun, encouraging, and competition-free environment. Expect to work hard, laugh a lot, and to end your session with a peaceful cool down followed by a floating savasana.

SUP YOGA: $50.00 per person
SUP YOGA "POWER HOUR": $45.00 per person
SUP FITNESS: $40.00 per person

*Sessions will be held at the Marina of Rincon or at Sandy Beach in Rincon
**BYOB (Bring Your Own Board): Take $20 off price