As many of you know, I'm currently in Indonesia traveling around for two months. I'll be cruising around with my man - surfing, exploring, and relaxing - and I'll be finishing off the trip with the GLOW Karma Yoga Retreat in Bali before we head back to Puerto Rico to get ready for the winter season.

I was fortunate to get to travel to Bali around this time last year and one thing I learned is that I packed WAYYY too much. So this year, even though we're gonna be here a little longer than last, I made an effort to be a lot more mindful about what I'm bringing. Because the truth is, you really don't need much, and packing light means less to schlep around the airports and more space to bring some goodies back :)

  • BOARD: I'm bringing a 5'10" rounded pintail as a kind of step-up board and planning to buy a smaller, maybe 5'6" or 5'7", squashtail shortboard once I get to Bali // Fins: I prefer Future setups on my boards and I'm bringing my lucky pink fins, small Shapers, and a set of medium True Ames for when the waves get a little bigger // I've also packed two Dakine leashes, a longsleeve spring suit, my mask + snorkel, and wide-brimmed Roxy hat for sun protection when I'm not in the water

  • TEEKI LEGGINGS + TOPS: I basically LIVE in my Teeki gear when I’m in Bali, well actually all the time, but especially when traveling. Their stuff is lightweight, packs really easy, is quick to dry, and very versatile - their gear works for surfing, yoga, hiking, cruising around the market or going out for drinks and dinner. USE MY AMBASSADOR LINK TO SHOP FOR 10% OFF!

  • BIKINIS + ONE PIECES: My weakness. I have a lot of bikinis and honestly that's the hardest part of packing for me, haha, but I know many of you understand. My bikini 'requirements' are they have to be comfortable, stay on while surfing, and I also prefer bikinis that can double as bras, sportsbras, or even a top to wear out (this makes packing less WAY easier). Some of my favorite brands: MIDORI Bikinis + One Piece; Sewn by Sophia Handmade Bikinis; IMSY Swimwear; Seaglass Swimear + Rhythm Swimwear

  • SEEA SURF SUIT: I've recently fallen in love with these suits after I've seen a few girls rocking them in the water around Rincon. Seea surf suits are super cute and have great coverage to protect my skin in the tropical heat. They are also UPF30-50 for extra sun protection - these suits literally save my ass during long midday sessions when the sun is the most harsh.

  • doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS: My go-to oils, anytime anywhere, are definitely lavender and peppermint. I love lavender for it's relaxing scent, it's perfect to help me wind down before bed and it also doubles as a perfume when I go out. Peppermint is probably my all time favorite and the oil I use the most. It's my savior for any type of travel, as I tend to get a little motion sick at times, and applying a drop to the back of my neck helps cool me down when I'm feeling overheated. Peppermint also helps with upset stomachs and just a drop in your mouth leaves your breath pepperminty fresh! For this trip, and most trips, I also packed Tea Tree - for any minor cuts or reef scrapes, Lemon - so I can have my morning lemon water without having to find/buy lemons, OnGuard - a blend that helps boost your immune system, Repellent Blend -for the mosquitoes and to *fingers crossed* avoid malaria, and Balance - a grounding blend that really helps alleviate stress + anxiety. I also packed a bottle of doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to help dilute my oils and to use as a non-greasy moisturizer on my skin. *Just a side note: I prefer doTERRA Oils because they are all certified therapeutic grade oils, meaning they are 100% pure without any additional fillers or preservatives. Oils intended for ingestion are actually SAFE to ingest. Not all essential oils are the same, so I recommend doing a little research before you buy and use!

  • REEF SAFE SUNSCREEN: As a fair-skinned surfer, and someone that generally spends a lot of time outdoors - hence my name "sunburnt & salty" sunscreen is important to protect my skin from frying. Equally as important, and I'm especially talking to all you ocean lovers, is to use a sunscreen that is REEF SAFE. Sadly, it's estimated that each year 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotions end up in the coral reefs, causing coral bleaching and harm to other marine life - check out this informative article by NPR here. Many popular sunscreens that line the isles of drugstores and supermarkets contain ingredients that are not only toxic to the environment, but also toxic to us humans, like Oxybenzone which is a chemical most commonly found in these sunscreens and a huge contributor to killing reefs around the world. Not to mention, when it's applied to our skin it soaks into our blood and is known to disrupt and mess with our hormones. The two other toxic chemicals you need to look out for are Octinoxate and Octocrylene. I'm a big fan of AvaSol's Surfer's Barrier Stick SPF50+ for my face and lips, and recently my good friend started making her own all-natural, non-toxic sunscreen called Sol Sexy - which I LOVE! And I use that all over my body and hair.

  • LUNA CUP: I've been hearing a lot about menstrual cups over the past few years and many of my friends have turned to them and have nothing but good things to say. About a month before our trip, and after some research, I invested in the Luna Cup, and I have to say I couldn't be happier. No more spending money on tampons, worrying about that nasty string hanging out - I literally just gagged as I wrote this btw, haha - and no more contributing unnecessary waste to the planet. These things are life-changing ladies, and they make travel easy and stress free! I could go on, but I'll save it for another post. So do yourself and the planet a favor and invest in one ASAP!

  • MANDUKA eKO SUPERLITE MAT + RESISTANCE BANDS: I love my Manduka travel mat. It's lightweight, packs easy, and doubles as protection for my surfboard while in transit. Carrying my mat with me, wherever I go, is like bringing a little piece of home with me no matter how far away I am. When I roll it out and step onto it, it feels comforting, safe, and like I can let myself be held as I unravel and unwind. I've also recently gotten into using resistance bands - thanks to the crew at The Movement Academy - because they provide an amazing workout without having to carry a lot of equipment. I prefer to use them for low body exercises, but I know there are also so many ways different ways to use them.

  • TO-GO WARE + KLEAN KANTEEN: My friend and mentor Vivienne (she's also the owner of Centro La Paz) introduced me to the Klean Kanteen insulated bottles and these awesome To-Go Ware bamboo reusable utensils. Single-use plastics pose a huge threat to the environment, and especially after traveling around Bali last year, it's safe to say there is a MAJOR problem with trash and plastic. Purchasing these products - and using them - provides a simple yet powerful way to help reduce the use of single-use plastics in daily life and when abroad.

  • PIRETTE ROLL ON FRAGRANCE OIL + EYEKO SPORT WATERPROOF MASCARA + EYELINER: For the nights I go out and want to get dressed up :) I won these goodies in an Instagram giveaway and I couldn't be more pleased with the products. The Pirette fragrance oil smells like summer in a bottle and the scents stays on and lasts all day! I'm obsessed, and a little bit goes a long way so it's totally worth the price, in my opinion. The Eyeko mascara and eyeliner are both waterproof, which I need for my active/oceangoing lifestyle, and they really help make me eyes pop when I want to get dressed up. I don't wear much makeup, but when I do mascara is essential for my blonde eyelashes.

  • CANON EOS REBEL T1i: Thanks to a good friend, Brian + I finally got our hands on a nice DSLR camera! It's older, and it's been used, but it still works great and I'm so excited to capture images from Bali with it. We have an 18-55mm lens and a 75-300mm lens to go with it. I still have lots to learn but like I said before, I'm so stoked to use it.

  • JOURNAL, PENS + BOOKS: This is one area where I may not be that eco-friendly... I always travel with a journal, some pens, and a few books. There's nothing like fresh ink on paper, whether I want to jot down a memory from my travel, an inspirational quote, or just doodle to pass the time and get things off my mind. And as far as reading goes, I can't do the Kindles or E-Readers or whatever. I like to hold the book, underline things, dog ear pages - that kind of stuff genuinely makes me happy. Plus, my eyes need a break from all the screens. The books that my boyfriend + I brought for this trip are: Yoga of the Subtle Body by Tias Little, Instant Indonesia (to try and learn the language), and The Fear Project + Saltwater Buddha by Jaimal Yogis - which I've read multiple times before and every time I read them I gain something new. He also came out with a new book, All Our Waves Are Water, which I'm really excited to read soon :)

So, I'm curious to know... What are your adventure essentials??? Comment below and feel free to reach out with any questions!