Take me to the table where we all dine together
nd pluck me from the crowd and return me to my sender
Whatever path you follow push on till tomorrow
LOVE all SERVE all and create no sorrow
>> Trevor Hall

During these times of injustice + inequality, I feel completely confused. Why does it feel like we're moving backwards?? I normally don't post stuff like this, and although I'm writing on the other side of the world, right now I feel compelled. I read a friend's Facebook status today, she's a black woman living in the southeastern United States. Her words pierced straight through my heart. Her honesty opened my eyes. It's not fair. It's not fair that my friends are afraid to leave their homes. It's not fair that my friends are living in FEAR just because of the color of their skin. It's not fair, it's not right, but unfortunately it's the reality of right now. And I will never really know how that feels, because I was "lucky" enough to be born with white skin. It's fucked, and it makes me feel helpless, almost guilty, and like I don't know what I can do. But when I stop and get quiet and listen to my heart, I know exactly what I need to do. I have a voice and I, as a white woman, must continue to live with integrity. I must remember to never judge another person because of the color of their skin, their background, or religious affiliation. I must remember to live with an OPEN MIND + an OPEN HEART. And when I see injustice happening, I must stand up for what I know is right, instead of turning a blind eye, and worse of all, remaining quiet. I must remember to never let the corruption of the media skew my perception on what's real: the POWER of LOVE + the POWER of COMMUNITY. My heart aches for those who are afraid to walk out of their front door. And for those who are living in fear, I am now speaking up: I hear you and I am here for you.