As I continue to deepen both my yoga + surfing practices, the more I continue to recognize the similarities between the two. Those of us who surf or practice yoga most likely know the story of the illusion of ease. For example, someone who has never surfed or done yoga may look at it and think, "Seems easy enough. How hard can it be?" Likewise, we may have also been under the same illusion, myself included, at some point or time. Maybe there's a new pose we want to get int...o, or we want to take a different approach to riding a wave, and we think to ourselves, "Oh I got this. Can't be that hard." Only to very quickly be humbled - a face plant to our yoga mat or a swift slap by the sea. It's a reminder that when we let the ego take over, nothing gets accomplished. We are left angry, frustrated and embarrassed. But when we drop the ego, and come from a willingness to experience, and an acceptance of what is, or what isn't - then we open ourselves up to possibility. We're reminded that in both yoga + surfing, it's more about the journey and less about the final product.

In my yoga practice, inversions have always been a challenge. Something I've had to work extra hard at and really dedicate myself to trying, falling, failing and getting right back up only to do it all over again. In surfing, riding barrels are my inversions. When I arrived in Bali I thought, "I'm in Indo, how can I not get barreled?" And once again, I was quickly reminded of what happens when I let my ego take control. I recognize now, like handstands or forearmstands, it's going to be a process. It's going to take time and dedication and falling and failing and picking myself right back up to do it all over again. But like handstands and forearmstands, the more I practice getting myself tucked into the barrel the more I realize it's not just about getting spat out, although that's always the goal, but really it's about what I learn and experience along the way.

Grateful to be here in Uluwatu experiencing the raw power of the Indian Ocean and looking forward to that magical day when I tuck in, thread through the barrel, and get spat out in glory. But for now, I'll continue to enjoy the journey!