NEW Playlist: Fire to Water {90min Flow}

I love to have a soundtrack in everything I do. In fact, if you ask my boyfriend, I’ve got a constant and random soundtrack rolling through my head on a daily basis. And despite what many traditional yogis may say, music - like the breath - helps me to get present, out of my head and into my body. Lately this particular playlist has been on repeat in my practices, car rides, and classes. More and more I’m settling into this playful yet delicate balance of fire and water, of effort and ease. So, this “Fire to Water” playlist is exactly that! Perfect for a 90minute-ish Yang-to-Yin yoga practice, the first half inspires playful movement and building heat, then transitions into 'cooler' songs that evokes a sense of slowing down, stillness, and surrender. Enjoy and let me know your thoughts below!

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