Oh what a wild, crazy, beautiful world we live in! And while the hustle-bustle and busy-ness of life is fun and exciting and filled with adventures and chaos and sometimes hard-to-handle life lessons, there’s nothing better than retreating home to your personal space where you can relax, unwind, disconnect, and most importantly give nourishment and healing to your mind, body and soul. As my own practice shifts from “self-fixing” to self-caring I’ve come to realize that I am very sensitive to the environments I’m in, and that more often times than not my personal, external space is a direct reflection of my personal, internal space. If I’m not taking care of myself, it usually shows around my house – my space is messy, cluttered, and disorganized – but when I tidy up and add a few little peaceful touches it manages to transform my home into a healing sanctuary that allows me to disconnect, unwind, and completely relax. So whether you are looking to invite more love into your bedroom or are trying to bliss-out your entire home, here are six easy and inexpensive ways to add a little bit more peace to your space.

  1. Make Your Bed. Every damn day. Right after you wake up. And you know why? Not because your mom told you to, but because now you’ve already accomplished something, and all before even putting on your pants. You go, Glen Coco!
  2. Keep Your Space Tidy. Even if you don’t agree with how I feel about my external space reflecting my internal space… why would you not want your external space to evoke peace and serenity and calm? You don’t need to deep-clean your house every single day, but a few minutes of tidying up will do the trick. If you don’t believe me, Google it, there’s a lot of research out there that connects your external surroundings to your mental state. And your home (or bedroom) should not be a place that creates anxiety or stress.
  3. Fresh Flowers. Flowers are not just for special occasions, but having fresh flowers nearby can make any ordinary day feel special. Pick some from your yard or garden or buy ’em at your local flower shop or market. Even as I write this I’m glancing over at my sunflowers that I just got from our local fruit and veggie stand (by SANA Farms) and I can’t help but pause and smile at the beautiful, bright yellow-orange petals that are smiling right back at me.
  4. Light Candles. I love candles. In fact I have some lit right now. There’s nothing more sensual and soothing than candles gently flickering in the dim light. To me this is the quickest and the easiest way to instantly transform your personal space into a personal spa. Lately I’ve been loving the Aloha Bay Chakra Pillar Candles made with palm wax and 100% pure essential oils. You could even make your own candles, too!
  5. Positivity Trinkets. These are personal items that make YOU happy. Artwork, seashells, mini buddhas, a cool-looking rock. It can be something you found or something given to you. It can be something bought or something handmade. It can be something that makes absolutely no sense at all to anyone else but you. As long as it serves as a gentle reminder to smile, be happy, and to move forward, keep it placed somewhere around your home. And don’t forget to look at it often. 
  6. Crystals + Sage. Crystals are a complex arrangement of minerals that contain electrical and other properties and can be used to help balance energies and harmonize your home. Some crystals, like Black Tourmaline, have protective and grounding properties that absorb or block unwanted, negative energy, while other crystals, like Rose Quartz, transmit energies like love, relaxation and peacefulness to your space. I normally purchase my crystals at Ocean State of Mind in Rincon. For more info check out this article by Jenny Smedley, Crystals in the Home /// It’s also important that you clean your crystals often, and one way to clear the energy that’s absorbed by your crystals is through smudging. Smudging is a traditional Native American ceremony using the smoke of burning sacred herbs, such as sage, to clear and cleanse the energy field of a person or a space. According to this article on MindBodyGreen, “the smoke from dried sage actually changes the ionic composition of the air, and can have a direct effect on reducing our stress response.” Either way, the smell of burning sage is blissful and you can use the smoke to cleanse and clear your crystals, your home, and your body. I also buy my sage bundles from Ocean State of Mind.

In my personal opinion, the first two (making your bed and keeping your space tidy – WOW I sound like my mom!) are the most important pieces in the blissful home puzzle. Although I have found that the last two (your positivity trinkets and crystals) are powerful ways to take that peacefulness and comfort of your home with you anywhere you go. Anytime I travel I love to bring my mini, happy Buddha and a couple of crystals (usually Amethyst, Citrine and/or Fluorite). What are some of your favorite ways to infuse your home space with good, positive, peaceful energy? Or maybe you have a suggestion as to bringing the comfort of home with you on the road? I would love to hear – comment below – and many blessings to you all!