Why do we allow society to place a burden on our shoulders?? Right now, I encourage you to drop the should be's that have been imposed on you by your world: what you should be doing, how much money you should be making, what you should be wearing, how you should be acting.

Because who ever said there is only one right way to live??

At times I get anxious about my journey. I see my friends with their "stable" jobs, buying homes, starting families, and doing all the things that you are supposed to do when you begin to creep into the second half of your twenties... But realistically, that kind of stuff doesn't work for me. At least, not right now.

While I might not be living a "traditional" kind of life, I'm living a life that's authentic to me. I must remind myself of that every single time a twinge of doubt enters into my brain and I think, "Ok, maybe I should just quit now, move back home, and get a 'real' job." But would that really make me happy? Honestly... the answer is NO. 

Teaching yoga, planning my day around the waves, connecting with nature and connecting with people  - these are the things that make me the happiest. I make time to watch the sunset. I make time to roll out my mat. I make time to surf. And through my decisions I have given myself the ability to pick up and travel and move and cruise... I have given myself freely to the flow of life. Because that's what makes me feel the most alive. And that is what makes me feel the most connected to myself.

You may call it selfish, but I call it self love. Because when I make time to do the things that make my soul shine, I seem to have even more light and love to extend out to others. When I let go and open myself up to receive, I always wind up with so much more to give. 

What makes you feel alive? What makes your heart pump, your belly flutter, and the corners of your mouth turn up? Whatever it is, go do that. Make time for the things that nourish your soul. We have no finish line to cross and we can't take our money and possessions with us to the grave. If you come to realize you are living a life that's based on someone else's plan, take a deep breath, connect to your internal compass, and set an intention to begin following your true north. 

So I'll ask it again, why do we allow society to place a burden on our shoulders?? Do you really believe that there is only one right way to live? Right here, right now, I encourage you to live a life that is authentic to YOU. Drop the should be's and let go of the crap you have been carrying around on your shoulders... Because it's dead weight anyways. Notice how much lighter you now feel??

Don't be afraid to share your unique gifts and experiences with the world. Stay true to your path and never lose touch with the things that make your heart smile.