WE ARE THE OCEAN: Inspired by the Massive Waves sent to PR by Winter Storm Riley


Written on March 6, 2018 // Inspired by the massive waves sent to the NW corner of Puerto Rico from Winter Storm Riley.

. . .

Why are we so drawn to the ocean?
Maybe it's because we are all, in some way, so much like her.
Full of different moods, energies, a force of nature that is just as strong as it is soft.
Maybe we're attracted to her because, like us, what we see on the surface is only just a small part of the whole.
And no matter how choppy, or wild, or challenging the surface conditions appear to be,
we know that there is also a depth that holds the space to turn down and tune in, to nurture peace, calm, and tranquility... And trust.
Trust that everything will work out as it should.
Trust that we have everything we need, and trust that we know what needs to be done.
So when the waters are calm can we allow ourselves to lay back, float on, and let the currents and tides lead us along the way?
But when the sets start stacking out the back, can we know when to put our chin down, paddle hard, and do the work that's required of us to get into the spot, right where we want to be, and maybe eventually come out of it all with the thrill of a lifetime??

. . .

Watching these past few days of massive waves has been inspiring. It's a pretty incredible thing to watch, let alone experience first hand, the overwhelming power and energy that the ocean holds. She demands our total respect, admiration, and protection. Because lord knows she'll give you some of the best moments of your life, as well as some of the worst, but she will forever be, in my mind, regarded as my greatest teacher.

. . .

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