Forgiveness is the key. 
Forgiveness is the key to letting go, to cleaning the slate, to finding eternal peace and harmony with all that is and all that will be.
Forgiveness opens doors.
Doors to what’s possible for us – our personal selves, our work, and our relationships with others.
Forgiveness allows us to move through life with ease.
Forgiveness removes the burdens of the past.
The heavy, arduous bag full of all that was – all that stuff that keeps us from moving forward towards the light and towards growth.
Forgiveness is freedom.

But forgiving is always much easier said than done. 
How do we know when we’ve truly forgiven someone?  
How do we even begin to forgive?
When someone has sent so much negativity your way, how do you allow yourself to just let that stuff go? 
In reality, there is no magic formula.
And just like the practice of yoga, the practice of forgiveness begins on the inside.
The key to this freedom is forgiving yourself.
We must first forgive ourselves for our past – for our negative, limiting beliefs and for all of we’ve done that conflicts our true, authentic Self – before we can even begin to forgive others.

Look within. 
What old beliefs are you still clinging onto?
What baggage from your past is preventing you from moving into the future?
What can you forgive yourself for?
How can you forgive yourself?
Where can you show yourself more love? 

Sit and meditate for a while.
Write it out in a journal.
If moving meditation works better for you, then roll out your mat, get out into the ocean, or go for a walk on the beach.
Be real and get honest with yourself.
Tap into your authentic Self – the Self that transcends the ego.
Cry if you need to or talk to someone you trust.  
Release the internal resentments and angers by feeling them, expressing them, and eventually letting them go.
Show yourself some love.
Feel the love.
Then let that love radiate out onto everything and everyone.

Forgiveness is the key to compassion.  
And compassion is the key to love.  
Let’s love ourselves and everyone else just a little bit more.