N E W month • NEW moon • NEW visions ☽❍☾

Taking a moment today to reflect over these past few years, recognizing the changes, the growth, and of course, honoring the struggles and soaking in the lessons that have been learned. As I reflect on what was, I accept that it happened exactly as it needed to, for it has brought me to the place that I am at right now.

And right now feels good.
Really good.

But I know right now is fleeting, and things always shift and change... So I take a big breath and sip in this moment. Because being right here, right now is the way to securing an abundant future. With fluidity, with ease I write down my intentions, my deepest desires, my dreams + goals.

And then I let them go. 
I detach myself from the outcome, whatever it may turn out to be, and I surrender myself to the journey.

As I take another sip of air, I allow myself to settle right back into right now. Because right now feels good. And right now is exactly where I need to be.



NEW Moon blessings. I hope this month has new adventures in store for us all. What's your Mantra as we enter into this new season?